I am a graphic designer and visual thinker currently working as an art director in Bellevue, WA. I have experience in print and branding as well as digital marketing and interactive design.

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Having multi-disciplinary background helps me to look at design problems from a holistic point of view. In my approach, I strive for simple and powerful solutions, bold aesthetics and surprising outputs across all platforms. I highly value clarity, function, power, and extendibility.

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Since graduating in 2012 with MA Graphic Design and achieving a BA Hons in Architecture prior to that, I have gained experience in designing, managing and art directing small and large-scale projects (I can also build you a shed).

I have worked for brands such as Microsoft, Amazon, Cambridge University Press, and Phaidon Press, helping the teams meet their business objectives through creative solutions. Extending the design process into integrating strategic thinking is what gets me really extited.

In the spare time (ha!) I irregularly update two blogs:

Put a dot on it —regarding my creative endeavours, mostly exhibitions and talks

Visual booklist—a record of design-related books that I have read

Recently, I have been trying to learn some gardening. If I'm not in my backyard, then probably on a trip to somewhere new. As a curious traveller, I enjoy experiencing various places and cultures.

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