Identity design for a local radio station to reflect their quirky personality and playfulness.




C89.5 radio station


Art Direction
Logo design


C89.5 is a beloved radio station based in Seattle. They have a very varied audience in terms of demographics. Many listeners are connected with the high school where the radio is based. We partnered with them to give back to this vibrant community and provide our design services.


Find avenues to help the radio grow and extend their reach. The look and feel needs to resonate with the multiple audiences and be easy to implement by students as well as across various deliverables. Also, the solution should maintain the lighthearted and quirky personality that the radio has established.


Through field research and interviews we collected a lot of information on what could the potential opportunities to embrace be. We developed personas to prioritize our brainstormed ideas. The proposed areas of improvement were to create a new brand identity and interactive digital experience that would engage younger audiences.

For the digital experience part of the project, I worked in a small team on a web application that allows users to vote on which song should play next. We used the idea of gamification and gave the audience a piece of influence and control to shape the community. After storyboarding and brainstorming the ideas we started short sprints of making the app a reality. At the end of the process we made a working prototype that connects to a Spotify playlist from which the songs are pulled. Users can either vote through a website or manually through Arduino button inputs to influence which of the two listed tracks will play next.

For the branding part, we wanted to reflect the radio's focus community and individual expression. We decided to make a system based on circles and doughnuts that represents individuality and togetherness. These two elements build the logo as well as are a basis of the other visual identity elements. Their arrangements make dynamic compositions, allowing them to “dance.” The RGB bright colour spectrum captures the youthful spirit and fun.

My Impact

Lead a small team of 2 developers to create a prototype of the interactive experience. Co-led the research phase and synthesis for the branding effort for a team of 20 designers. Was part of the core team that impacted the outcome of the project.