Web app design for calculating insurance cover cost that is easy to use and gives an immediate response.




Microsoft Surface


UI design


Organisations that purchase Surface devices need insurance coverage to ensure worry-free usage. There is an array of coverage options. An app that calculates savings makes it easier to decide which one to choose.


Design a seemles experience for an application that calculates savings with Microsoft care plans based on input information.


The calculator is based on many complicated formulas to show accurate savings in multiple scenarios. A close collaboration with Subject Matter Expert was needed to transfer hierarchies into a visual approach. The fields needed to be designed in a way that feels intuitive and gives an instant view of the data.


A one-page experience with a dynamic output. I challenged the initial assumption of making the experience a two-step process of inputting the data and continuing to a results page. Having both input and output on the same page enables to compare different data sets at a fraction of the time. Clean typography-led UI with strong hierarchy puts focus on the data and is easy to read at a glance.

My Impact

As a lead designer on the project I worked closely with our strategists and copywriters to define the experience. I ensured that the complicated calculations are presented in a clear and readable way.