An app for gardeners who are too busy to plan or remember but enjoy beautiful foliage and working in the fresh air.






UI design


As a new garden owner, I had a personal need for a gardening application that would help me stay on top of the foliage. I found a gap in the market as there was no satisfactory product out there.


Create an engaging garden application that allows for customisation based on knowledge and experience. It should combine the functionality of a to-do list, a library, and notifications that will enable a worry-free work schedule that results in a thriving plantation.


Working with a new set of prototyping applications was a great way to test the tools. At the same time, they proved to be frustrating at times because of bugs or unnatural working flows.


The app consists of four main sections: notification dashboard, garden map, library list of plants, and a calendar. A colour-coded tab system is introduced to navigate within these sections easily and intuitively. Within each section, a set of associated actions is enabled so the user can outline their garden and which plants are already growing there, add new plants and move them, read information and care recommendations, plan for future work, add tasks, filter them, and receive automatic reminders based on previous actions. With the app, the burden of memorizing what to do when should be taken off gardeners’ shoulders so they can enjoy hands-on dirty work.

My Impact

As a self-initiated project, I had complete control over the process and execution. From finding the problem and research, through prototyping and testing, to the final result.