Re-imagining the shopping experience for Microsoft Office through a holistic look at the customer and operational perspectives.






Art Direction
Customer experience
Web design


Every two years the Office team revises the in-store and online printed collateral. They take the time to look at all the different assets and challenge their status quo. The team asked our agency to help with this improvement process. The provided research indicated that most customers are confused between the perpetual and subscription options. The layout of the existing collateral was reported as hard to decipher and leave customers confused as to what SKU they should purchase. Research has shown that more than 60% of buyers purchase an incorrect Office product.


Re-think the in-store and online assets to best support customer journey as well as improve the level of customer understanding of the different options they have. Reduce the number of mistakes at the point of purchase.


The field study led to defining two primary purchase scenarios and associated personas: a primary persona who decides to purchase the Office product when buying a new device, and a secondary persona who goes to the store with the intention of buying an Office product. The next step was to define user flows that represented the behavior of the personas. This helped us to focus on two main scenarios with hero assets that were most useful to help navigate through the Office SKUs and pick the most appropriate.

As the first step, we made a field research. Through going to different stores that sell Office, collecting information of what kind of assets they have on display, as well as interaction with customers and shop staff we gained some valuable insights. We found out that many people recognize Word and PowerPoint products but are not as familiar with the Office as the overarching umbrella for many products.

We were working closely with the Office research team, performing usability tests and checking which assets would be the most successful. For instance, an evaluation of an advert stimuli study has shown that people are more likely notice and click a lifestyle-style banner when on social media websites. On the other hand, when browsing through products at an online shops such as BestBuy, adverts with the product mocked-up on a computer screen drive most clickability. Copy is equally important. Referring to Office rather than a new feature makes people more prone to click. All these considerations were taken into account when creating the final layouts.

With regards to the landing site, we have learned that the videos need to be much more promoted and featured on the top of the page in order to be clicked on. As a response to that, instead of zig-zagging users down the page, we made a featured video screen with the hero video. We decided to create visual thumbnail ribbon of the new features of the product underneath the video. Further usability tests confirmed that this approach was more successful.

My Impact

As an Art Director I lead a team of designers and copywriters to strategize, reshape the retail experience, and create concepts for the campaign. I was responsible for deciding on methodology, research tools, and pace of the project to deliver improved customer experience on time and budget. I was also involved in directing the photoshoots to ensure they are on brand, tell the story of the campaign, and showcase the product in the best possible way.