New app design and for a consultancy business as well as all promotional materials.






Art Direction
Web design
App design
Book design


Ruptive is a revolutionary start-up that disrupts the space where user journey and analysis processes cross. It is a platform that connects data from persona creation and user journey mapping to outside-in innovation and business applications.


Design user experience of the platform as well as support its launch at a conference with promotional printed material and website.


The launch linked to a big event caused time pressure that affected implementation of the designs.


An interactive application that is designed with an intuitive input in mind. The step-by-step approach helps users learn the tool without too much burden. The website and the book are closely related and use the layers of the Ruptive platform as a navigational tool. Little touches of delight such as animations within the app or blind embossing on the printed handbook help convey the value and user-centric approach of the product.

My Impact

I was the primary contributor responsible for improving the experience on the identified parts of the application. Through heuristic approach and design patterns, I explored potential solutions, tested them, and finalized to the current shape.