Marketing campaign concept and direction for new Surface devices.






Art Direction
Web design
Book design


Microsoft Surface has been after gaining more market share and competing with Apple in the premium sector.


Develop a look and feel for the upcoming marketing campaign for retail that makes the devices more desirable.


The Surface brand was undergoing many changes at the time and the retail team was looking for a new approach to presenting the devices. We made a series of studies and developed an approach of branding the devices for the premium sector.


Our team made a photoshoot study that became the groundwork for developing Surface’s new look and feel as well as the approach to photography. We recommended going away from soulless renders and move towards more humane approach with interesting lighting, highlighted textures, and sleek lines of the devices. The delivered marketing materials ranged from in-store print pieces to digital and evangelism assets. The results could be seen in retail stores worldwide.

My Impact

As one of the first projects I worked on at the agency, I started as a lead contributor (in a team of 4) to research and explore possible solution for the project. I was responsible for creating concepts and shaping the direction of the campaign. In further iterations of the campaign, when I was promoted to a position of an Art Director, I oversaw the efforts of the designers to deliver the campaigns.