A travel app that helps to plan more enjoyable trips with a lot of fun activities. ​​​All the excitement and none of the stress of logistics and planning.






UI design
User research


There is a lot of travel websites and apps but none of them give users their time back when already on a trip. While travelling in itself is a great experience and most people have positive memories from their trips, planning and logistics can cause a lot of stress. Multiple sources for finding sights make the decision-making process take a lot of the precious relaxation time. Travello was developed to fill in that gap in order to once and for all make travelling a purely pleasurable experience.


Design an app that address users' needs with regards to travel planning. Based on requirements gathered during user interviews and through affinity mapping, focus on reducing the stress of travelling and time spent on logistics.


While various stages of user interviews, card sorting, paper prototyping exercises, wireframes, and final designs revealed useful insights, some of users' confusion was caused by low-fidelity nature of the assets. Hence, the process required a constant heuristic cross-evaluation. This approach enabled a more holistic design approach while keeping it user-centric.


An app that is made for users being on the go. It facilitates a quick glance at what comes next in the travel itinerary. The hypothesis has been confirmed. Travelers that have visibility into how much time the day plan is anticipated to take, distances from one place to another, closure times as well as priority of sights, feel more at ease. Through personas, user flows, and storyboarding, the main scenario task of adding a new place to an existing itinerary was defined. Making this task the most intuitive it could be was the main focus for iterative prototyping, and later on, usability testing. Additional insights like adding a toggle between the map and the list views to allow a quick and easy orientation in a visited place were also implemented.

The next sprint for the project would explore sharing and collaboration flows. Options for creation and plan sharing will ensure that no friend is left behind with wishes.

My Impact

As a self-initiated project, I had complete control over the process and execution. From identifying the problem, conveying interviews and research, through prototyping and testing, to the final designs and functionality.