An interactive wall that tells the storytelling to show IoT solutions in the city of the future.






UI design
Visual research
Team lead


VMware organizes an annual conference showing their latest products and technologies. As in every trade show, booth owners are fighting for attention in order to capture as many potential leads as possible. Impressing customers is a must to ensure visibility and a lot of traffic.


The VMware IoT team asked our agency to create a unique experience that will engage their customers. It should educate them about the possibilities of the VMware products as well as be delightful in terms of how the information is conveyed. Usage of elements of IoT was a requirement and the specific display area of 20 x 8 ft a constraint.


This multi-layered project had a lot of complexity due to the inter-dependencies between the elements. Additionally, dealing with a completely new set of technologies and restrictions required quick problem-solving of the issues encountered along the way. Time was not on our side either.


Due to the incredibly short timeline, we had to use a very agile way of working. We were crafting the stories, preparing assets, testing and polishing the animations, all at the same time. Therefore, the project required a particularly close collaboration and a lot of communication between the team members. Things were changing by the minute. Hence, ensuring that animators, illustrators, as well as the production company had the latest specs was crucial.


An interactive wall with multiple input touchpoints, enabled by a conductive paint below the illustration. The illustration itself served as a background of a modern city, empowered by the VMware smart technologies. It was separated into areas that talked about various aspects of a smart city living: energy, safety, transportation, and manufacturing. The flattened angle of this isometric view was chosen to convey both scale of the city as well as a personal impact on citizens. The neutral appeal of the illustration allowed animations to be the dominant element and make the city look alive. Users could click any of the touchpoints to view a short story encompassing the benefits of IoT solutions in the city.

My Impact

I was the creative lead of this project. I worked with the team on the strategy and stories that we wanted to tell. I wireframed the experience, including touchpoint areas, illustration zones, and animation spaces. I set the art direction, created assets for animation, contributed to the illustration and overlooked a team of animators and an illustrator to finalize all the content. I was overlooking the efforts of the production company and was involved in testing to ensure everything worked as intended.